As OCR athletes, we love trying to improve ourselves and we all love working out. For some sick reason, some of us even enjoy carrying things up and down hills, well some of us.  Some of us dread it and just want it to be over, but we all want to be better and quicker at it.

15992138_10101044758647576_1670216019_oOn Wednesday, our good friends at Wreck Bag sent us a 35-pound bag to review.  I was completely surprised to get home from work and see this box reading Wreck Bag on the front porch.  My eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.  The box itself was shipped very well and packed well also.  No damage to the box what so ever.  The box was close to the product and did its job in protecting it.

The bag is very sturdy and when on your shoulders, it conforms nice, not like those logs Spartan makes you carry. The stitching is all done very well and stitched on both sides for added durability.  This specific product retails for right around$115 with free shipping. The material itself that the bag is made of seems quite durable, I feel it could take a beating if using it on the trails or throwing it down.

When I first heard of Wreck Bag I thought great it’s just another sandbag to work with, the folks at Wreck Bag also have a ton of other workouts and exercises that you can do with it. It came with a pamphlet showcasing the different workouts that can be done.  This weight can be used anywhere, the home gym to the backyard to the trails when you want some added weight to train.

What I didn’t like about the product itself even though it conforms to the shoulder area, it is still quite stiff. I would have liked something with some more conformity and looser.

Overall I am pleased with the Wreck Bag and already have been working out with it. Let’s see if the working out pays off for the upcoming season. This is a great product if you’re not picky about how things feel on your shoulders, which I am. I am going to being using this a lot for my trail runs and training.  For more information head over to their website or check them out on social media.  They have a lot of great folks working for them.