Tired of bouncing from website to website? Are your spreadsheets and whiteboards difficult to keep updated? Are you looking to fill in your race calendar with events you do not know about? Your problems are solved. OCR Buddy is the first mobile calendar application designed for obstacle course racers. OCR Buddy’s extensive and ever-growing database lists events from international race brands to the local obstacle races right in your backyard. OCR Buddy provides you with all the information you need to plan and build your race calendar while providing you the direct link to any event you are interested in or want to participate in. When your buddies and teammates join, you can see their schedules and plan accordingly. You can keep your own information for each event, both note form and actual race data that you enter. And, you will be able to enter your own events and any events to the database that we have missed. OCR Buddy, knowing the importance of giving back will be donating 20% of all downloads to charities that assist our veterans and to those that fight cancer. Now available on Google Play and the App Store, search for OCR Buddy and start planning your obstacle course race calendar. This is straight from the OCR Buddy webpage as what this app will offer.

This is relatively new app that is out and I am fairly certain that not “all that many” people know about it. It cost $1.99 on the app store so I figured why not its only $1.99 what do I have to lose.  Once it downloaded I started to play around with it and the first thing I did was download my race schedule.  This is super convenient as it has TONS of different companies from all over the world.  These companies range from the big guys all the way down to the local OCR/Mud runs.  I was thoroughly pleased with this aspect of the app.  It also allows you to add or join a team.  So naturally I created the Lehigh Valley Spartan team. SO JOIN IT!!!!   The app is easy to navigate and is relatively clean.  It is a little confusing however.  In order to back out of a page you have to hit the OCR Buddy logo.  This app also allows you to add friends and view their race schedule from your teams or in general. I like this concept of knowing who is going to be at races especially if you have met them on the course or are true friends with them.  What I didn’t like or I think could be an improvement is, they need to tie this to social media. This app should sync with your Facebook contacts that have this app, right from the beginning.  The other negative in my respect about this app is how you search for races.  As I was trying to add my Spartan races to my schedule when I searched Spartan they didn’t come up.  You had to search the very specific venue name for the race. I feel like this change shouldn’t be too hard to make and would make this app much more user friendly.  I do like how when you select a date it lists every possible race on that date.  This makes filling up your race season schedule easy a little too easy.

This app is fairly new and I think it has some great features but it has some work that needs to be done before this app is truly amazing. I like where it is going so far and I think this could be used as a viable tool for almost any OCR athlete and enthusiast.  Check out the app it will be much easier than the excel spreadsheet you have on your computer.