Leg cuts? Leg Rope Burns? Yeah, we have all been there before. My first OCR race was done on a whim and basically a dare. I did some research on Spartan race and what it entails but man was I not prepared enough. I wore your average long black socks to I guess” help” me out. Then I got to the Tyrolean Traverse. My socks helped me a bit but not enough, I ended up with burns and cuts across the back of my leg. It took like 2 weeks for it to heal. Then after loving the race and joining pages and talking to people I heard about compression socks and this company called MudGear. A couple people highly recommended them to me so I bought a pair for last race season. When they came, they packaged well and there was a free sticker in it. I mean honestly who doesn’t love free stickers. I should probably add that I ordered them from Amazon.com. So, I tried them on and they fit quite well, nice and snug and I could tell right away these were way better than some old tube socks. So now comes my first race in April of this year in New Jersey for the Beast, I couldn’t wait to wear these socks and see if they would work. So about 1 mile into the race running through the woods, but not to grandmother’s house just in general I learned why these socks had the hype around them. These socks protected my legs from being scratched just when running. We hit the Tyrolean Traverse and I knew this was the true test. They protected my legs so much. No rope Burns, No cuts or scratches. On the calf, they truly provided the protection that any OCR athlete needs. When climbing the walls, and getting over them they helped protect my shins as well. Not to mention adding all the health benefits of compression sleeves in general. Race is done and I get home it’s time to clean them. So, like I normally do I threw everything in the washer and dryer. Here is my complaint, when I took them out of the dryer the shrunk and were all shriveled. The next time I tried to put them on was a freaking fight. I looked like Bambi on ice trying to stand and get these things on. Once they were on and the next race started these socks did the same thing added me protection. I can get over the whole drying issue and looking like a goofball trying to get them on. I can get over it so much that I just bought a second pair. I love these socks and I love the company MudGear itself. I think what they are doing for the OCR community and athletes are amazing. I would highly suggest to anyone to get these socks. Just take some pictures putting them on after they have been cleaned or possibly just let them outside to dry. I proudly have a MudGear sticker on my truck now and it’s not coming off anytime soon. The price of the MudGear socks is a little high in my mind for a pair of socks. However how does that saying go, you pay for what you get. It truly is worth it. So check out www.mudgear.com or head over to www.amazon.com and pick yourself up a pair.