KT TAPE is an elastic sports and fitness tape that’s designed for muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support.


At one point or another as athletes we have all injured ourselves.  It’s either a quick healing injury, serious injury or long term injury that is reoccurring.  Throughout my life, I have amassed all of these.  None worse than my shoulder pain and my lovely parting gift from the NJ Beast knee pain.  I had seen all these people at races with crazy color and shaped tape all over there body.  I have also heard of Kinesiology Tape but didn’t know much. I did some research on it and found the company KT Tape.  I first used their original tape and was not fond of it.  I decided to give their Pro Tape a shot.  It’s a little more expensive and typically runs around $13 – $15 for a roll.  Each roll gives you 20  10inch long 2 inch wide strips of tape called “I Strips”.  The KT Tape says it will stay on for 7 days as well as in water and will also help with pain relief.  Well in my personal experience I have never worn any KT Tape for 7 days as I only wear it during races.  The whole staying on in water I think is either a marketing gimmick or a joke.  Every time I have worn this and been soaking wet and sweating, ya know like any OCR race ever run by anyone the tape has basically peeled itself off or come off extremely easy. When you run a OCR race in July in Palmerton, PA and are sweating your butt off as well as have to go for a swim, the tape will come off.  Trust me this happened to me all 3 races in 6 days that Palmerton had.  As for the pain relief, it absolutely helps.  It also affects your mind and by that, I mean it gives you a sense of extra security.

I wear KT Tape Pro on my shoulders, IT bands and Right knee anytime I do any OCR race.  Mostly for the pain relief and added support.  However, you do not just take these strips out of the box slap them on and your good to go.  Every part of the body and injury has a very specific way of taping to properly work. Unless you are a physical therapist chances are you have no clue what you are doing.  KT does offer some free tutorials but I have found the best way to learn how to do this is by watching some good ole fashioned YouTube videos.  Another thing that is a pain in the butt is you cannot touch any of the adhesive with your hands or it won’t stick.  Well I learned this the hard.  This is especially difficult when you are trying to explain to someone how to put the tape on you for places you just cannot reach.  This takes some time to get a true understanding to how to properly tape your injuries the proper way.

The KT Tape Pro comes in all kinds of crazy bright colors as well as the normal colors and even skin tone. I have also seen some cool designs and some USA tape.  So basically, there is a tape color for everyone’s different personalities or if you want to color coordinate.  It also comes in a handy container that the normal tape does not come in.

The tape is great for support and pain relief but not that great in the water and sweat.  A major negative for me as a man but a huge positive for my loving wife.  I’m a guy I have some hairy legs and if the tape isn’t wet it’s like a freaking epoxy on your skin.  Well man does it suck when you pull it off.  So the positive here is my lovely wife just loves ripping the tape off of my legs. I swear she gets some sick enjoyment out of it.  She rips then laughs, meanwhile I screaming like Steve Carrell in the movie 40 year old virgin when he is getting waxed. Yes, I may have yelled “Oh Kelly Clarkson.”  All in all, this is great product and does some of the things it says it does, but it does share its negatives as well.