If you’re serious about racing, working out or having a healthy lifestyle, protein intake has crossed your mind. This past week I started drinking Ascent Protein Chocolate and Vanilla bean native fuel whey after my work outs to “help recover”.  I am not going to lie I have always been pessimistic about this stuff, thinking it’s just a racket or gimmick. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I feel much better the next day and ready to get back at it.

So, Ascent Protein has 2 main products. One for post workouts and one before sleep.  Bothascent of their main protein products come in both chocolate and vanilla bean.  The post workout powder also comes in unflavored.  On ascents website, it lists these 2 pound bags for right around $41.  I also googled the products and found the range to be around $35-$37.  These products come in single serve sizes in a box of 15, 2 pound bags and 4 pound bags.  It all depends on what you are looking for a need.  I am not going to review the different sizes as they are the same product.

What I truly liked about this product is that it works and it tastes great. I have tried other samples in the past of other protein drinks and to me it always has a weird taste. Not the chocolate.  NO weird taste, it’s smooth and it goes down easy. I also liked how it made me feel the next day, as well as in general I just felt better.  The vanilla bean was good as well, but not as good as the chocolate.  We handed some single serve samples out at our last team event and heard a lot of positive responses about it, we also had some negatives.

The Cons of this product, well there isn’t much; I’m going to be picky as well. If you don’t like a thinner drink then water is no way to go, even though it will give the best results. A couple Teammates of mine said they didn’t care for the vanilla in the water, but mixed with something else it was much better and they like it. The other con I had was, well what do you mix it with?  Being someone who isn’t familiar with this the package just read mix with beverage. I think there should be something somewhere that lists what works best with the different products. At first I was honestly confused what to use, so I just went with milk and then thought to myself oh man will this be too much protein at once.

Over all I was pleased with this product and will continue to use it, Today I found out that I enjoy the chocolate mixed with water. It’s delicious, the folks at Ascent make a great product and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that is serious about racing, working out or living a healthy lifestyle.