It’s time to review Rock Tape, not just a normal review of what product is.  This review is going to be a comparative review between Rock Tape and KT Tape.  Personally, I use Kinesiology tape a lot and by a lot I mean like 2 50ft rolls a year/season. Each Obstacle Race I run I have around 12 strips on me.  For the last 3 years I have used nothing but KT Tape and I truly love KT Tape, and the whole kinesiology tape product as I am a true believer in it.  This product has helped me out so much.

Rock Tape can be bought online from Amazon, eBay or Rock Tapes website which is Typically, you can find rolls of this tape for between $14-$19 dollars.  There are two main types of tape.  Their regular Rock Tape and the Water Proof Tape.  Both tapes come in a multitude of colors just like KT Tape.  The specifics of this review will be both types of Rock Tape and KT Tapes regular tape and the Pro version of the tape (which is supposed to be water proof).  KT Tape is in this price range as well.

I stated in the paragraphs above that I use a lot.  Each race both of my knees get taped as well as my left shoulder.  I recently ran the Boston Marathon, during my training I used the regular Rock Tape and was thoroughly impressed by it.  It truly has a great adhesive and adheres to your skin quite well.  KT tape’s normal tape does this as well however it doesn’t adhere to your skin as well as the Rock Tape.  During my OCR races I only use KT Pro tape since I am in water.  KT Tape states that the Pro tape is waterproof and will stay on for 3 days.  Now I have done a product review for KT Tape before and this was my big gripe. That is a huge lie.  I have had their pro tape fall off in the middle of races or when I am done it just peels right off.  Not in the bandaid of it hurts but just peel right off.  Now the KT Pro tape is great if you have a zero chance of getting wet.  I knew for this review of Rock Tape that I wanted to put their water proof tape to the absolute test.  If anyone paid any attention to the Boston Marathon this year, you know how bad the weather conditions were.  The rain and winds were just horrific, and it was horrible to race in.  So, I told myself lets use this tape as I knew my legs were going to be soaked.

Throughout the race I never felt tape bunching like I have experienced with KT Tape.  The race was over, and I was back at my hotel getting ready to take a shower and actually feel warm again.  When I took off my racing pants I was blown away to see every piece of tape I put on was still there and didn’t even begin to come off. I was honestly shocked.  When I got in the shower I wanted to take off the taped.  I had to scrape a tag end of the tape, so my fingers could pull it off.  When I gave a good rip only a quarter of the strip came off.  I was blown away with how well this tape held up to being completely soaked in water for around 9 hours.  The tape actually hurt coming off.  Now given I am a guy and have some hairy legs.  I could not believe how good this tape was.  If this was KT Tape I would have been able to give one pull and every piece of tape would have come off with no issues what so ever.

As for the cons of Rock Tape here they are.  This may not be for all the products they have and just the ones that I used.  I do not like that its one continuous roll and it’s cut to length.  This is one thing I love about KT Tape. I like the precut strips and rounded edges.  I do wish Rock Tape had that as a standard of all the products in their portfolio. I did not like cutting strips, some where a little too ling and some were a little to short.  There should be a standard length Like KT and then if you need to you just cut those full strips in half.  That is the only con I have for this product,

After trying Rock Tape and using KT for years I can honestly say that they have a new loyal customer.  I will not go back to KT Tape and from here on out I am a Rock Tape guy and will push the product to anyone I know.  I honestly can’t sit here and say enough good things about this product.  Regardless if you are a weekend warrior, competitive athlete, elite athlete or just have some ongoing pain you want to alleviate I would suggest this product to you.  Check out their website and do yourself a favor and buy a roll.