This week we are reviewing a product called Lumos Energy Strips. This product claims to be instant energy. It has 30mg of caffeine in each strip and is made from organic green coffee beans. Each packet contains 12 energy strips. The packet costs $3.99 Canadian, per the website.

I am not going to lie, I have always been a little apprehensive about stuff like this, that says instant anything. I tried one strip before doing a workout and about 5 minutes later I felt more alert and energetic. I don’t drink a lot of soda and I hate coffee, so it probably works better for someone, as opposed to someone who drinks a lot of coffee. It did say you can more strips at once however. The strips remind me of those old Listerine strips that melted in your mouth. The Lumos Energy Strips also melt in your mouth and quick at lumosthat.

I gave some strips to friends of mine to try and they also liked it and felt more alert. One person who tried it took one strip an hour for 3 hours and enjoyed it.

What I didn’t care for about the product is that it only comes in Mint right now. I think having more flavors would be better. Also, the mint did leave an after taste in my mouth, nothing too over bearing but hung around for a little while.

I think this product would be a great thing to use prior to a workout or a race. It is much better than drinking all those energy drink. This product did what it said it does and made me a believer when it comes to instant energy. I am not sure if I would use these all the times but will use them periodically. I would recommend this product to other people to try and use.