Throughout the OCR community we see all different styles of medal holders or decorations and ways to display medals and memories.  This week’s product review comes from a newer company called I Wood If I Could, they are based out of New Jersey.  Each piece is truly handmade and hand crafted every piece is done by the owners 2 bare hands.  The product I am going to review is a custom medal holder that has our team logo in it.  I have talked with the owner of the company Brent Snyder about this product and other products his company offers.  The medal holders run anywhere from $40- – $150 depending on what your needs are. The higher prices would include things such as exotic woods, more hooks, LED Lighting, or a very elaborate design.  These plaques are meant to be “Built On A Budget”.  Currently this company does not have a website but is working on getting one going.  You can find them on Facebook @iwoodificouldpage and on Instagram @iwoodificouldig.  Now let’s get to the review.

Our team’s colors are orange and grey. So, I was super surprised to see that they stained it grey for me.  This product came with 10 hooks for medals on it which for myself personally will last me either two years or my daughter and myself about 1 year. Our logo was cut out and a board was added behind it covered in felt.  The reason for this was the company built in a light box and added lights to it so when turned on the logo is light up slightly.  This is such a cool feature to have. I have not seen any other Medal displays in the OCR community that have lights in it.  The wood seems quite durable and is made of what looks like a 1×12 piece of wood.  The stain on the board is grey liked previously stated but also distressed. I live in a very old home so it fits our preference of design.

The only downside to it is a preference thing, I like the rustic look so seeing it distressed and truly not finished works for me and I love the piece I have.  However not everyone may like that look.  When purchasing the item, I would just discuss with the owner what look you are going for.      

There are many choices out there on the market when it comes to medal holders however many are very quickly massed produced.  It’s nice to see a craftsman that their time and use their bare hands to handmake something special.  When talking to the owner he stated that any member of the Lehigh Valley Spartans or Spartans of the Northeast will receive 10% off all the orders.  So, if you are a member of any of these teams make sure to state that when ordering from them. I highly suggest this company and will be using them in the near future as they also do handmade furniture.  As long as the wife doesn’t read this I may try and have a piece of furniture made for her as a surprise.