This latest product review is about a company called Exsoskyn.  We will be reviewing their compression arm sleeve.  Exoskyn’s website is They have a whole host of OCR related gear.  Everything from compression sleeves to shirts.  They have a decent number of products gear towards the OCR athlete.

The arm sleeve that I received and will review is the Exoskyn Men’s Digi Compression Sleeve. This product cost $21.99 for one sleeve and is pictured here.  They do offer some other compression sleeves.  You can get a pair of their compression sleeves for $31.99

What I liked about this product is the material.  It’s made from quality compression material.  This sleeve I feel would hold up quite well and for many races.  The sleeve looked great when I got it. It came packaged in a manila envelope.  On both the top of the sleeve there was some sort of sticky material to help keep the top of the sleeve from moving.  The bottom of the sleeve fits very snug which I liked a lot.

The cons to this product for myself personally are few and far between.  The sample product that was sent to me was a medium. I am a smaller guy 5’11 and about 158lbs.  My biceps aren’t big by any means.  So even though there was the sticky material on the top of the sleeve it still didn’t stay still. I would like to see how a small fit for me.  Also in their catalog of products there are only handful of different patterns to choose from.  A lot of them are very flashy and some people may not be into all the crazy colors  These are the only cons I found on this product.

If I could make an improvement on this product I would add the sticky material to the bottom as well.  Yes, it fits snug already however when you have carries and climbing it may slide up.  This would help to reduce any sliding of the compression sleeve

All in all, I think this is a great product if when you purchase it you buy the correct size.  I think this product would definitely hold up to a good OCR course. The arm sleeves are comfortable and not too thick to where you feel the extra thickness.  I truly like this product and do see myself buying a pair.  I would suggest this brand to my teammates and friends.