I heard about this company called Boost Oxygen on Social Media and wondered what it was about. I checked out their website www.boostoxygen.com as well as like any other normal person now a days, I hit up Amazon to see if it was available and how much it cost. They were on Amazon and there are a few options. You can but anything from a small single can all the way up to a entire lot of cans. The most common seems to be 2 cans and the average price is around $26 for 2 cans.

Boost offers a couple different flavors, “regular” lets call it, Peppermint and Pink Grapefruit. So far I have only used the “Regular” non-flavored oxygen and can only talk about that. I have the smaller bottle and the larger bottle. When researching this company on the internet and seeing their social media it showed me a wide range of folks using this. I saw everything from pictures of Boost cans on the sideline for the Atlanta Falcons and teams in the NHL. Then I also saw regular day folks like myself using it. This is one thing that intrigued me to try it. The fact that pro athletes are using this and its available to the general public was interesting.

I decided to start adding oxygen into my training and recovery. By that I took a quick shot of oxygen right before I would start my warm up for my work out session and then I took some oxygen after the workout was complete. I did this for roughly 2 weeks which is why I didn’t write this review until now. I wanted to make sure I used this product a few times and got a real idea of how my body reacted.

To be completely honest, I didn’t feel anything “different” when taking it right before my work out and during the work out. However, when taking it after the workout, I did notice something. I used the Boost Cans immediately after the workout. What I found is that my body was getting the munt of oxygen it needed and I wasn’t huffing and puffing nearly as much. My breathing came back to normal much quicker. I also didn’t feel near as tired as normal and felt good overall. I was impressed. Each time I worked out in the 2 weeks I felt the same way after each workout.

The only con I would say to this product is the flavors. I would like to see more flavors out. I like peppermint but I completely dislike that fake grapefruit flavor you get in products. I think offering more flavors would be better. Now, with that being said this is a personal preference and doesn’t take away from how the product works for people.

After using this product and feeling better after working out I would recommend this product to other people. I can see how some people may just say its just air in a can. Its more than just some random air in a can. This helps athletes recover quicker and better.