Wayne Sigler
Competitive Athlete, Elite Racer
# of 2017 Races
Favorite Venue
Favorite Race
Favorite Obstacle
Funky Monkey Revolution (WTM)
Current Team
Lehigh Valley Spartans


Greatest Accomplishment: Tie:  Eastern States (2014), WTM (2016)

Best OCR Memory: Crossing the finish line at WTM this year.  Emotional doesn’t quite cover it.  No way I thought I would get 24 hours earlier in the race. 

How did you get interested in OCR: On a dare basically.  Was an Ultra runner.  Some high school classmates asked me to run a Spartan Race with them.  Humbling to say the least.

Least Favorite Obstacle: Bucket Brigade – Spartan.  I have a history of lower back issues so that obstacle eats my lunch. 

What are you looking forward to the most:  A light year.  Been hitting it pretty hard the past 6-7 years. 

Favorite Pro Athlete and why:  Miguel Medina.  Crewed for Miguel, Hunter McIntyre, Isiah Vidal and Mark Jones at WTM in 2015.  Amazing individual both on and off course. 

A little about yourself:   Just your average guy desperately clinging to my youth.  Ultra runner by nature so the longer the event the better.  I can’t go very fast but I can be slow for a really long time.  I have an obstacle course built at home so I will run training sessions for some friends several times throughout the year.  In 2015 we did 4,000 to f*ck up a 10 miler and this past year we did the burpee mile at my place.  I do this stuff to have fun so the weirder the workout the better.