Justin Scholl
Competitive Athlete, Elite Racer, Open Racer
# of 2017 Races
Favorite Venue
Favorite Race
Vernon, NJ Beast
Favorite Obstacle
Spartan Sled
Current Team
Lehigh Valley Spartans


Greatest Accomplishment: Toss-up between finishing my first ever Beast while injured.  Or running my first ever elite race at Palmerton

Best OCR Memory: Winning my wave 2 years in a row at warrior dash or setting a new PR in my first elite race breaking my record by 30 minutes

How did you get interested in OCR: Basically, on a dare and stupidity? Man, am I glad I did it

Least Favorite Obstacle:  Hercules Hoist. I hate that obstacle worse than the Philadelphia Eagles, that’s pretty high on my list of things I hate

What are you looking forward to the most:  Watching Lehigh Valley Spartans grow into the what I envision!

Favorite Pro Athlete and why:  I will take this as a 2-part question. My favorite Male athlete is Bear Nockavich and my favorite Female athlete is Amelia Boone.  I mean how can you not love her.  She is one badass chick.

A little about yourself:  I got into OCR 2 years ago and have become addicted.  I achieved my first Trifecta last year and look forward to doing many more races from many different companies.  I am a professional brewer for Samuel Adams and I love everything brewing.  I was raised around dirt track racing and I hold that very near and dear to my heart.  I am a very simple man.  I enjoy the simple things such as family, friends, beer, racing and OCR.   The job I am most proud of is husband and dad.  My wife and my daughter are my world and I love spending time with them and going on new adventures. I started Lehigh Valley Spartans in 2015 and it is rapidly growing and we are getting close to make some of my dreams a reality. I am really looking forward to this season as I know it’s going to be one for the ages!