Steve Green
Competitive Athlete
# of 2017 Races
Favorite Venue
Favorite Race
Favorite Obstacle
Current Team
Lehigh Valley Spartans


Greatest Accomplishment: greatest Spartan Race accomplishment hasn’t happened yet.

Best OCR Memory: This past July 23 at Blue.  The week before I got carried across the finish as I stepped in a home while running right after the rig at the end.  Severely sprained my ankle.  Raced the 23rd but shouldn’t have.  But I did as it was the 16th anniversary of my father’s passing, to the day.   He passed away in a car accident (I was in the car as well) about 3 miles from blue.  I had my heart set on that race.  And was now hurt.  I dropped to the first open wave as there was no way I was able to go full boar in anything above that.  I hobbled that whole damn course.  Passed a bunch of male comp/elite’s that started alot earlier than I did.  But to cross that finish line for my Dad and then have my daughter standing there to put that medal around my neck was an experience like no other.

How did you get interested in OCR: former coworker told me to try.

Least Favorite Obstacle:  double sandbags

What are you looking forward to the most: Qualify for Spartan WC

Favorite Pro Athlete and why:  LeBron, Conor McGregor, The Bear, and Amelia

A little about yourself:  Bottom line.  I don’t like to F around when it’s time to improve.  I love what I do, I love this sport, and I love my family.