Patrick G
Competitive Athlete, Open Racer
# of 2017 Races
Favorite Venue
Favorite Race
Spartan Super
Favorite Obstacle
Hercules Hoist
Current Team
Lehigh Valley Spartans


Greatest Accomplishment: Hitting the spear throw at every race last year, and the last race of the season, I only failed one obstacle, which was huge for me.

Best OCR Memory: Coming down the hill of the beast, which would be the hardest race of the season, and seeing my kids right there ready to start their own race.

How did you get interested in OCR: I blame my wife – she tricked me into a 5k that was a Spartan race and the rest is history.

Least Favorite Obstacle: Rig

What are you looking forward to the most:  Traveling to more races with my family

Favorite Pro Athlete and why:  Sidney Crosby because he never takes a shift off.