Diane Richino
Open Racer
# of 2017 Races
Favorite Venue
Vernon, NJ
Favorite Race
Warrior Dash
Favorite Obstacle
Spear Throw
Current Team
Lehigh Valley Spartans


Greatest Accomplishment: Finishing Killington 2016

Best OCR Memory: tough one, there’s so many.

How did you get interested in OCR: Friends talked me into Warrior Dash 5 years ago

Least Favorite Obstacle: Monkey bars, just not able to physically do it yet so it’s an automatic fail. Been working hard for the last year to finish that one.

What are you looking forward to the most:  in OCR terms, this year it’s trying new races. I’ve done Warrior, Mudder and Spartan only up to this point. Excited to try out Savage Race, Goliathon, Rugged Maniac and Spartan HH this season.

Favorite Pro Athlete and why:  in OCR it’s Amelia. Have so much respect for the Queen of Pain. You meet her and she’s so tiny and yet she has the grit of a true warrior inside. It’s amazing to me.

A little about yourself:  Mom of two, plus the best dog EVER, HR professional by trade. For me good friends and family are more important than anything.